Target date funds: A moving target


    Saving for retirement is a long-term game. It involves looking many years into the future and deciding how to invest without knowing what’s coming.

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    1. According to AllianceBernstein, what is the optimum interval between target dates for funds?

    2. According to Mr Khalaf, what percentage of assets under management do target date funds account for?

    3. According to Mr Cobbe, what is the total assets under management for target date funds in the US?

    4. What is the name for making a move towards capital preservation as the retirement date nears?

    5. How many individuals is Nest expecting to enrol into its target date funds by the end of auto-enrolment?

    6. According to research by Hargreaves Lansdown, what percentage of retirees said they only started thinking about their retirement date a year before retiring?

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