How to: Attract first time buyers

Buying a house is one of the most stressful things to do in life. Here are five ways you can attract first time buyers as clients and ease the strain for them.

1. Set out what products can help young people and why. When it comes to first time buyers, many will be young professionals. Advertise exactly what you offer for those under 30 and why you are the one to help them specifically.

2. Make you fees clear. Buying a house is expensive enough, so first time buyers particularly will want to know the fees from the outset. Make it clear straight away how much you will charge and what exactly that money goes towards.

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3. Be prominent on social networking websites. We are not just talking Twitter, but create a page on Facebook for your firm. Social media adds a face to your advisory firm. Many first time buyers may not already have a financial adviser and attracting one could purely come down to referrals. Social media could prove to be one of the easiest way to be recommended.

4. Know your audience. Don’t use complicated jargon as it could scare new clients off. Make things simple without being patronising. Understand the client is spending a lot of money and effort with buying a house.

5. Clarify the need for financial advice. Make it clear – on your website or office windows – exactly why first time buyers should use an adviser when looking for a mortgage.

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