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Back in the day: January 2000

This week, we travel back to the turn of the new millennium with the issue from January 2000, when the world was gripped by Y2K fever. We even observed the happy coincidence that not only does MM stand for Money Management, it also represents the Roman numerals for 2000.

Here at Money Management, our eyes were firmly on the future, with a look at e-commerce. Still a fairly nascent industry, MM still spotted the huge potential for electronics and internet opportunities: “The retail industry predicted that it would sell over one million bright, shiny new computers all linked up to the internet for Christmas 1999. How many of those are going to your customers?”

With-profits were still big business, and an article on stakeholder with-profits saw passionate defence against the government considering excluding with-profits funds from stakeholder pensions.

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A survey of new business trends showed the previous year had given the unit trust industry a new lease of life thanks to last chance PEPs and first chance ISAs, but net industry sales saw a particularly bad year for regional specialist sectors.

In other news…

We ushered in the new year, decade, century and millennium with the truly memorable double A-side I Have A Dream/Seasons in the Sun by Westlife.

The Y2K bug that technology-users so feared turned out to be little more than a minor glitch.