News quiz 2013: A year in questions


1. What percentage of Tenet’s members stopped offering investment advice since the implementation of the RDR?

2. IFAs called for which provider’s “clunky” online system to become slicker?

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3. According to research by the Cherry Forum, what percentage of IFAs expected the RDR to cause income levels to drop?

4. Shaikh Khan, a former Barclays boss, was jailed for stealing how much money from a millionaire customer?

5. Which Yorkshire-based financial advisory business pledged to waive professional indemnity excess for partner advisers?

6. Lloyds Banking Group pledged to lend how much to help first-time buyers get on the property ladder?

7. An FCA consultation revealed that the amount advisers contributed towards the Money Advice Service could drop by what percentage?

8. How many mortgages were taken out by first-time buyers in November 2012, according to data from the Council of Mortgage Lenders?

9. Advisory firm Portfolio Financial Consultancy acquired the assets of which Welsh business?


10. The number of certified financial planners worldwide was approaching what landmark figure, according to data from the Financial Planning Standards Board?

11. Analysis by Castle Trust showed that UK commercial property fund investors lost an average of what percentage during the past five years?

12. Profits at Hargreaves Lansdown rose by what percentage in the second half of 2012?

13. Union Unite urged which company to share its profits?

14. The chief executive of which firm said the role of paraplanners has expanded since the RDR?

15. According to the Charity Commission, Hector Sants’ charitable trust was how many days late in filing its annual return for 2012?

16. Towry chose which provider to supply business software across its UK offices?


17. St James’s Place aimed to deliver between what percentages of new business revenue growth in 2013?

18. LV= increased its income drawdown levels to what per cent?

19. The number of Arrow inspections of insurance businesses increased by more than what ratio amid preparations for Solvency II?

20. Name the Cheshire-based firm that stopped promoting Harlequin’s products because of the FSA’s pronouncements?

21. Platforms accounted for how many Isa sales in January 2013, according to data from the Investment Management Association?

22. An Axa survey said that more than half of cash-strapped 25- to 34-year-olds blame whom for their financial situation?

23. The director of asset allocation for which firm warned George Osborne to ease back on austerity?

24. Genworth Financial claimed that the number of financially vulnerable households in Great Britain have increased by how much since 2007?


25. What percentage of advisers shifted to restricted, according to a survey by Dunstan Thomas?

26. Which city, according to HSBC, was the best place for buy-to-let investors?

27. Which pension provider sold its Sipp and Ssas book?

28. Which advisory firm teamed up with the Federation of Small Businesses to provide private medical insurance for the trade body’s members?