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Guide to Multiple Buy-to-let



    Advisers need to understand how lenders offering such deals work and the whole raft of different lending criteria in this part of the market to decide what sort of loan would best suit their client.

    This guide will explain the information required by lenders offering multiple buy-to-let deals, what advisers need to do to secure the best deal for their client and the tax implications of building a portfolio of properties.

    Contributors to the guide are Christine Newell, partnership manager of Paradigm Mortgage Services; Brad Fordham, managing director of Santander for Intermediaries; Steve Olejnik, sales director of Sevenoaks-based broker Mortgages for Business; and Ray Boulger, senior technical manager for John Charcol.

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    1. Are Multiple buy-to-let mortgages always cheaper than separately mortgaging the individual properties, according to Mr Olejnik?

    2. When sourcing the best buy-to-let deal for landlords what must intermediaries consider, according to Mr Fordham?

    3. What are professional landlords who are remortgaging likely to discover about new deals, according to Ms Newell?

    4. What is the rental cover requirement of most multiple buy-to-let lenders, according to Mr Boulger?

    5. How is the multiple buy-to-let mortgage market regulated?

    6. Why might a landlord wish to want to stagger the sales of the properties, according to Mr Boulger?

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