CIExpert offers historic and white label comparisons

Online critical illness analysis service CIExpert has upgraded its functionality and added new features to refine the process of comparing policies.

The analysis tool now also lists all Axa Lifecare, Royal Liver and Skandia policies for historic comparison.

Comparisons can also be made against white label policies such as Tesco.

Alan Lakey, director of CIExpert, said: “The volume of CI policy changes in 2013 has brought some real improvements.

“Whilst, we welcome these developments they make the advisers task even more complex, hence our service becomes vital.”

Tom Baigrie, founder of Lifesearch, said: “The positive results achieved with CIExpert have led us to expand our use of the service.

”These enhancements, continue to enable our advisers to carry out comprehensive research in a highly time-efficient manner.

“Thus allowing us to present a clear and concise balance of quality versus cost to our clients, which supports them in making an informed decision.”

Mike Weedon, partner for LifeCoverforAll, said: “I believe CIExpert is an invaluable research tool for our business that we use to evaluate the appropriateness of a CI contract on a case by case basis.

“The ranking and analysis of the policy conditions allows us to impartially position the contracts with clients on the quality/likelihood of claim rather than on price alone. I would highly recommend CI Expert to any adviser active in the CI market.”