Launch Pad: VCT

According to the fund prospectus, this latest fundraising round provides investors with the opportunity to invest in the Octopus Aim VCT and the Octopus Aim VCT2.


Octopus is seeking to raise up to £4.1m in each VCT.

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Both VCTs have dividend policies, paying twice a year and the firm says that an investor participating in the combined offer should expect to receive a dividend approximately every three months.

The share offer is expected to remain open until 30 May 2014, or until the fundraising capacity is reached.

According to the fund prospectus, this is the first time investors have been offered the opportunity to invest in a combined fundraising offer across both Octopus Aim VCTs.

Octopus, which specialises in investing in smaller companies, currently manages more than £3bn of funds on behalf of more than 50,000 UK investors.


Caroline Hawkesley of Evolve Financial Planning in London said: “Whether it’s Octopus or another fund manager, VCTs are not for everyone. They are more suitable for savvy investors - most likely high earners, with larger tax bills, who are able to cope with the high levels of risk involved.”