Letter: IFA engagement is more than you think

Nick Bamford

Nick Bamford

Yes, some element of what we do is ‘sales’, if you accept that convincing someone of the validity of a course of action is sales, but to suggest that IFAs “do some financial planning but they’re finding the right investment product” demonstrates a lack of real understanding.

I wonder if Ms Lewis has ever spent any time with an IFA observing what it is that they do (that is an open invitation – she can come and spend a day here). If she had, she would discover it is so much more than product. In fact she would find that IFAs are the true champions of an increasing number of people’s financial capability. Challenging their thinking, acting as devil’s advocate, providing information and guidance, stopping them from making really bad mistakes and enhancing their understanding of their relationship with money.

Yes, RDR has made independent and impartial professional advice more expensive, but, no, it is not stressful and neither is it dull to engage with an IFA.

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Nick Bamford

Executive director

Informed Choice