26% prepared to take high-risk investments: Zurich

The insurer’s 17-page wealth risk study, which polled 1000 UK investors about their attitude to risk, found that 26 per cent of people were willing to take a risk on their investments.

A further 10 per cent were willing to opt for the highest possible risk option.

However the study also revealed that the majority of investors - at 58 per cent - preferred to stick to a low-risk portfolio and 6 per cent gave up any chance of growth to safeguard their money.

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All types of investor were less likely to be upset about losing money if they had taken financial advice.

Adviser View

Daniel Cawley, partner of East Sussex-based 121 Financial Services, said: “I have a fairly broad spread of risk appetite within my client base, most people fall in the middle, and I tend to find that the higher risk clients have a greater knowledge.”