Firing Line: Alan Jones

He said: “Psychometric measurement is of the moment. I found it incredibly accurate, provided that you then get other supporting evidence to justify or disprove something. You never use it in isolation, but rather as part of a rounded picture.”

Mr Jones started out in the army as an officer. He resigned his commission after 10 years in 1989, and joined Equitable Life as a financial adviser. He then moved into the training function, before entering branch management. He left when the firm closed in 2001.

Of this time at Equitable Life, he said: “It was quite a sad period. It was a really good business and I had a fabulous 11 years there. It was such a shame that it happened the way it did.”

After Equitable, he joined Bank of Scotland Investment Service, remaining there until 2009, when he joined RSM Tenon. He joined the Pru in 2011, which is when he qualified as a chartered financial planner. Qualifications are certainly something he holds as important, not least with the RDR.

He said: “From a market perspective, I think it has been a good thing. It has provided absolute clarity to clients and has raised the bar.

“There are some people in the marketplace that the new world didn’t suit. There is an advice gap, but if there’s demand in that advice gap there will be people filling it as soon as they can. The Wesleyan approach is that we will stick to our segments, that will continue. Others will determine whether they address that advice gap.

“The Pru was coming into the market with 200 additional advisers. That is solving some of the advice gap. Others may or may not come into the market.”

With doctors and dentists already established, it is up to Mr Jones to see if he can convince teachers and lawyers that they need the advice the Wesleyan can offer.

Melanie Tringham is features editor of Financial Adviser

Mr Jones’ career ladder

2014 Managing director, Wesleyan Financial Services

2011-2014 Sales director, Prudential Financial Planning

2009-2011 Director financial management, RSM Tenon

2001-2009 Various positions, including head, Bank of Scotland Investment Service

1990-2001 Various positions, including area manager, Equitable Life Assurance Society

1979 Army officer