MortgagesMar 20 2014

Mystery Shopper: Trowbridge

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RELEVANT QUALIFICATIONS: The adviser said he was qualified in everything except mortgages, but did not provide details on what his qualifications were. 3/5

PAYMENT METHOD: When asked what his charges would be, the adviser said it is “all fees nowadays”. 3/5

GUIDANCE GIVEN: The adviser seemed reluctant to give general guidance, emphasising that he mainly focused on giving investment advice and was not qualified to give mortgage advice. He said that he was not a fan of equity release and suggested that the caller should contact another adviser for guidance on her enquiry. 2/5

KNOWLEDGE: The caller did not get the opportunity to find out as much as she would have liked. 2/5


VERDICT: The shopper fully accepted that the adviser could not help, but felt a slightly more expansive approach would have still been helpful. 23/35


Halifax, 42 The Shires, Trowbridge, BA14 8AT, 01225 490306

SPEED OF RESPONSE: Time of call: 3.15pm, answered after one ring. 5/5

TELEPHONE MANNER: The representative was polite and efficient. 4/5

RELEVANT QUALIFICATIONS: Rep said advisers available were qualified in banking and lending, but a qualified financial adviser only saw people investing large sums. 3/5

PAYMENT METHOD: The representative said the caller’s mother could have a meeting if she banked with the branch and the meeting would be free. 3/5

GUIDANCE GIVEN: The advisers were unavailable. The representative said that if the caller’s mother was a customer of the bank, they could possibly arrange a loan for her, as they had good rates at the moment. She said that they could also potentially arrange a mortgage. 2/5

KNOWLEDGE: The representative focused mainly on the practicalities of establishing whether the caller’s mother was a customer or not. 1/5

EMAIL ADDRESS, WEB PRESENCE: No email address on the website (the bank does not provide an email address for security purposes). 3/5

VERDICT: The representative did her best to help, but the caller was left with the impression of a sales-driven approach. 21/35