Picking the right strategy for your Isa

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Tax-efficient investing - March 2014

Income investor

Defensive investor

Troy Trojan: Manager Sebastian Lyon’s focus is on capital preservation. This fund is defensively invested. He aims to achieve a reasonable return over the medium term with less volatility than other longer term more aggressive portfolios.

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Medium-risk investor

Old Mutual UK Alpha: Richard Buxton adopts a buy-and-hold approach. He mainly invests in FTSE 100 companies and so this fund may be considered less risky than some UK equity funds. Because the fund is fully invested in shares, some investors might see volatility.

Long-term investor

Newton Emerging Income: The focus is on risky areas with greater potential to build wealth over the long term. However, managers Sophia Whitbread and Jason Pidcock reduce risk by focusing on companies able to pay and grow dividends.

Undecided investor

Cash: Your Isa allowance is one of the most important tax breaks and if you don’t use it by midnight on April 5, you lose it. Investors who are unsure where to invest should still open a stocks and shares ISAs and place the money temporarily in cash, pending investment.