Tenet advisers can now outsource social media interaction

Following a pilot of its AdviserPost service, Tenet is now encouraging advisers to outsource their social media interactions to fee-based service Social Advisors Ltd.

Advisers who pay an annual subscription will get access to topical, compliance-approved social media content designed to help interact with their client base, develop their brand and generate leads.

The standard service includes 15 daily social media posts, at least one blog per week and one video per month.

Helen Turner, distribution and development director of Tenet, said the service was a low-cost route to social media for advisers, with upgrade options to more comprehensive services.

Ms Turner added the service would manage social media risks, record activity and improve productivity.

She said: “Many adviser firms want to embrace social media but lack either the time required to provide engaging content, or are concerned about the compliance implications.

“The new service ‘AdviserPost’ enables firms to carry out social media activity (Twitter, Facebook and blogging) via a user friendly system, providing ready-made content, pre-approved by Tenet’s compliance team.

“This is building on Tenet’s introduction of a compliance-approved social media framework for its advisers in May last year, by now offering a service that also provides the content.”

Simon Ryan, founder of Social Advisors Ltd, said: “AdviserPost includes an archive of more than sixty blogs and ten videos which are supplemented by fresh content every week, weekly training material and managed services as well as access to software that would be beyond the budget of most adviser firms.

“This is underpinned by as much support as members require, all within a single monthly subscription. Feedback from Tenet advisers has also helped us to further develop our proposition, with new services being added such as adviser-branded mobile apps and master classes.”

The full roll-out of the service comes a year after Tenet produced rules for the use of social media for advisers amid concerns the regulator was keeping tabs on the way the industry uses the likes of Twitter to promote their offerings.

The firm also contributed to FTAdviser’s Guide to Social Media.

In the guide, Ms Turner warns with Twitter it is not always possible to display the necessary risk warnings in order to meet regulatory requirements.

This con can be avoided by staying away from financial promotion on social media or, if in doubt, if you are part of a network or national firm sending the message to the compliance team for approval, she added.