Beaufort achieves Chartered status

The Chartered Insurance Institute has granted Beaufort Financial Planning corporate Chartered status.

Martin Woodcock, head of people development at the partnership of IFA firms at Beaufort, highlighted the whole process took more than nine months as a combination of presentations to the CII; collation of relevant data to support our proposal; meetings with the CII’s Steve Aspinall and internal feedback from various heads of department.

He said: “So I think it is fair to say this was very much a collaborative effort for the benefit of the group as a whole.

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“As our advisers strive to reach the highest standards of professionalism on an individual basis, we aimed to match this on a corporate level.

“It took a great deal of hard work and diligence to achieve this singular and unprecedented landmark, which recognises the professionalism that runs through the organisation.”

Steve Aspinall, corporate development director of the CII, said: “BFP is to be applauded for embracing the challenge of professionalism and we are delighted that they have now achieved Chartered firm status.

“This announcement demonstrates that financial planners continue to proactively strive for professionalism, both as a driver of competitive advantage and as an important means of building confidence and trust in the advice sector.”