Health Shield paid 97.5% of claims in 2013

Health Shield paid 436,640 claims in 2013, representing 97.5 per cent of all claims made during the year.

The most common reasons for claims were dental and optical related healthcare benefits (52 per cent), chiropody, health and wellbeing therapies plus physiotherapy (36 per cent).

Of the 2.5 per cent of claims that were declined, reasons included maximum amount already paid for a quarter, the receipt was too old for 6 per cent, sundry items were not covered for 6 per cent, claim is already paid for 6 per cent and the member was not qualified at the time of treatment for 6 per cent.

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Jonathan Burton, chief executive of Health Shield, said: “We are pleased to announce our claims performance, which follows strong annual results published last month.

“The moment of truth with any insurance policy is whether or not it will pay out when it is needed. By sharing this information we are demonstrating our commitment to paying out valid claims and re-assuring both intermediaries and policyholders of the value our health cash plans provide for everyday healthcare.”

Roy McLoughlin, partner at Master Adviser, said: “It isn’t just consumer and advisers that need to see the benefits of health insurance products, but employers too.

“It is excellent news to see Health Shield publishing their paid claim statistics as this will help us when talking to employers about the value cash plans can provide.”