Tisa launches savings policy campaign

According to a statement from Tisa, the project intends to develop a savings and investments policy that will be discussed with government, key political parties, the Treasury, the department for work and pensions and the FCA to influence future legislation.

In a mission statement, the association revealed the project will seek to shift UK consumers’ mindset from a culture of debt to one of savings; increase the overall levels of individual savings; address the savings needs covering the whole of an individual’s life and across all consumer types; and address the industry infrastructure required to implement the policy effectively.

Adviser view

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Laith Khalaf, head of corporate research at Bristol-based Hargreaves Lansdown, which is a member of the project’s advisory board, said: “We face the imminent prospect of pensioners being worse off in retirement than preceding generations.

“We need to build on initiatives such as auto-enrolment to reverse this trend; with just one year to go until the next general election, this project is a timely opportunity to explore policy solutions to this challenge.”