Hannah Foxley loses cancer battle

Ms Foxley, who founded the Women’s Wealth Expert, had been diagnosed with cancer for the third time, and had raised money for special treatment in India, after UK doctors said they were unable to continue effective treatment.

Before going to India, Ms Foxley handed her business over to Serenity Financial Planning, as reported yesterday by Financial Adviser.

Tina Weeks, founder of London-based Serenity, said: “We found an amicable arrangement and I am now going through the process of meeting her clients and transferring them to Serenity.

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“There isn’t much difference between our firms as the charging structure is nearly exactly the same and the clients have all been very supportive and understanding.”

Ms Weeks added: “I knew she was someone special from the first time I met her. She had gravitas and an amazing presence that drew you to her.

“I have learned (and have still to learn) so much from her and she has changed my life forever. ​I will do everything I can do to do justice to her legacy which will never be forgotten.”

Ms Foxley was a member of the Sense Network. In a statement, the directors of Sense said: “All of us at Sense are very sad at Ms Foxley’s passing. She kept a blog about her journey, which touched a lot of people. Our thoughts are with her friends and family at this time.”