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Ways online listings attract new clients

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Guide to Listing Your Business Online

Methods used by online directories to attract consumers, and possibly obtain information about them, are something that advisers should be aware of.

Ms Barrett says: “Online listings are designed to match professional advisers with consumers looking for advice.

“This matching process supplies the adviser with business leads, but turning those leads into new clients falls into the hands of the adviser, so it is worth thinking about your new business process and how engaging and timely it is.

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“Advisers using the enhanced listing on Unbiased can view statistics on their profile on lead generation, including how many clicks, views and email or call-back requests they have received.”

Lisa Beale, head of Checkaprofessional, says her site is linked to sister site, which is now in its fifteenth year. Combined, Ms Beale says the Checka brand now receives more than 1.1m visits a month.

She says: “We do not and have never informed that the site guarantees work in any way, as it was always designed as a marketing and credibility tool for the members.

“Nothing speaks louder than your previous clients experience on using you. Used well and providing prospective clients can read the information they are looking for, will help convert any enquiries.

“We do often hear however that our members receive a vast amount of their work directly from us, or by using it to refer enquiries to.

In many cases for the professionals within, marketing themselves using client feedback is a worrying prospect and completely new for them, so this is a testing field.