Improvements to investment trusts good news: AIC

The Association of Investment Companies’ communications director’s comments followed an announcement last week revealing that Hargreaves Lansdown launched a research website dedicated to investment trusts to provide guidance and information for investors.

Ms Brodie-Smith said: “It is great to see Hargeaves Lansdown taking notice of investment companies and providing better information for investors, allowing them to research all collective fund options available.”

Hargreaves’ site gives an overview of 400 investment trusts, including full performance figures, interactive charts, financial results and the most recent report and accounts.

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Current discount/premium compared to net asset value, average discount/premium compared to NAV over various timeframes, recent trade history, top 10 holdings (where available), yields and dividend history and charges are also published.

Adviser view

Danny Cox, head of financial planning at Bristol-based Hargreaves Lansdown, said: “Investment trusts and unit trusts are both tools in the investor’s armoury, but there are some key differences that savers should be aware of when deciding where to invest.

“Happily both investment trusts and unit trusts attract their fair share of talented managers. Indeed, some well-known names run both types of fund.”