ATI to launch two more sustainable funds

Alliance Trust Investments has said it will launch two more funds for its Sustainable Future fund range.

The group made the announcement at the same time as it said three existing funds in the range had been added to Distribution Technology’s analytics tool.

The group said it was the first sustainable and responsible investment (SRI) fund range to be risk-profiled in the UK. More than 3,000 advisers use Distribution Technology’s Dynamic Planner platform.

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The existing funds that will be risk profiled are the Alliance Trust Sustainable Future Managed fund (risk profile six), the Sustainable Future Absolute Growth fund (risk profile seven) and the Sustainable Future Global Growth fund (risk profile eight).

The funds that will be launched and risk profiled in Q3 are the Sustainable Future Cautious Managed fund (risk profile four) and the Sustainable Future Defensive Managed fund (risk profile five).

Peter Michaelis, head of SRI at Alliance Trust Investments, said: “SRI is becoming more and more mainstream as investors increasingly want to see their moral and ethical choices reflected in the companies that they invest in.

“When you couple this with yet more evidence that SRI funds are capable of performing as well as, or better than, mainstream benchmarks – as we have demonstrated in the past few years – you can see why there is a strong demand to see SRI funds risk profiled.”