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Guide to Divorce and Protection



    Even those without any dependents, may have mortgages, debt, or a lifestyle they would like to maintain for which protection could be vital.

    If a parent who stays at home to look after the children could no longer do so due to death or illness, it is important to recognise this would have financial implications for the working former spouse.

    Former partners should be encouraged to maintain protection policies and to consider their former partner and any dependents in ongoing protection needs. An adviser can play an important role to play in ensuring this happens.

    This guide explores what happens to protection policies when a couple split, how to ensure new financial commitments are covered and whether the courts can force a divorcee to take out insurance to cover their liabilities.

    Contributing material from; Alan Lakey, partner of Hemel Hempstead-based IFA Highclere Financial Services; Mike Allison, head of protection at Paradigm Protect; Matt Forman, head of protection propositions for Aviva; Emma Thomson, life office relationship director of LifeSearch; Phil Jeynes, head of account development at PruProtect; and Richard Sadler, head of retail protection at Zurich.

    This adviser guide is sponsored by Bright Grey. All editorial is independent.

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    1. What do insurers often impose as a condition for switching from joint to single life policies, according to Mr Lakey?

    2. What does Ms Thomson say should you do if you fear your former partner might change a trust later down the line to benefit other people?

    3. What needs to happen to death-in-service benefits via an employer or pension death benefits, according to Mr Lakey?

    4. What does Mr Allison think is ‘sensible’ to do with a joint policy if medical circumstances have changed?

    5. What is a cost effective way of covering maintenance payments, according to Mr Jeynes?

    6. If trusts are not used what happens to life cover on the death of an ex-spouse, according to Mr Allison?

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