Adviser launches three way ‘partnership’ on Caerus network

A former Positive Solutions’ director has launched new adviser firm Continuum, a “unique partnership” between client, shareholder and adviser.

The firm currently has 17 advisers and is backed by the Caerus Capital Group network.

Speaking to FTAdviser, Martin Brown, former Positive Solutions’ national recruitment director, said the new firm will cap the number of advisers at 50 to ensure the proposition is not diluted.

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Before Mr Brown became one of several business consultants at Positive Solutions to leave in 2012, he became convinced of the need to offer a financial planning service that could do more to help advisers deliver the desired outcomes for their clients.

He said: “Its nothing new we’re trying to do, the background was that over the last couple of years on the lead up to RDR its become apparent that a significant amount of organisations are being run purely for the benefit of the organisation, as opposed to the key stakeholders, which are the advisers and ultimately the clients.”

Mr Brown moved to the Openwork multi-tie network in November 2012 and from January 2013 was beginning to test the market for what has now become Continuum.

He said: “We handpick the advisers and support them with all the tools and mechanisms to enable them to provide everything the client requires, that’s not anything magical, but because of the time constraints of running a business, its stuff they never get around to doing.”

The firm is driven by a customer contact strategy, “so every client will be touched on a weekly basis in a very non-intrusive, informative way”.