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Berkley Alexander unveils quotation portal

The business development director for the firm, which provides online insurance quotations, said the Genius project has been in the pipeline for almost a year and will be a great development for the directly authorised market.

Mr Collinson said: “Choice is at the heart of Genius and it is what we at Berkeley Alexander are all about, whether it is regarding the number of insurers we deal with, the range of products we offer, or the number of ways you can deal with us.

“Genius is service-led rather than product-led, and we are hoping that this approach will help advisers to maximise the time they spend discharging their responsibilities to both clients and the regulator.”

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The system will be provided free to all SimplyBiz Mortgages members, and offers access to all areas of insurance, such as sickness and unemployment, as well as more specialist areas.

The launch of the Genius portal runs alongside the SimplyBiz Group’s wider ‘Protection Awareness’ campaign, which has seen a range of material and training aids launched online, in addition to a series of dedicated protection meetings beginning in July.

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Kevin Duffy, managing director of national adviser network Mortgageforce, said: “At a time when more and more people are looking to get on the property ladder it’s critically important that fledgling borrowers are alerted to the full risks of taking on a mortgage and protecting their assets as much as their liabilities. The SimplyBiz proposition is certainly one of the strongest in the marketplace.”