We’ve caught the football fever

As I write this the World Cup is in full swing. The nation seems torn between optimism for a good run at the trophy, lead by some exciting young players and cynical realism, borne of years of mediocre football and moments of really bad luck. While those of us from other home nations or places further afield, look on with conflicting interests!

What is clear, though, is that the majority of people in the UK are excited by football. In fact, the English Premier League is a source of great interest right around the globe, with many people in different counties and continents having their own favourite team, despite probably never having visited the town or city where it’s based.

With all this football fever in the air, we were therefore excited to extend our sponsorship engagements to now include the nation’s number one sport, football, through a deal with three top flight Premier League clubs including; reigning Premier League champions Manchester City, FA Cup holder Arsenal and league runners up Liverpool.

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These marquee names and the talented men and women who wear their shirts, will become a prominent part of our promotion of PruProtect and PruHealth with Vitality and will raise awareness of the need for Health and Protection insurance like never before. We believe that sport has the power to inspire people to lead a healthy lifestyle and we hope that this collaboration with world class sports figures, teams and events will help us spread the Vitality message.

At the same time, we have also enhanced our Relevant Life Cover product, so that it too carries the Vitality programme. This not only allows customers to effect tax efficient life cover, but to also take advantage of all that Vitality has to offer; understanding your health, setting personal goals to improve your lifestyle and gaining rewards and cashback for engaging.

This new feature means that even small to medium businesses (SMEs) can offer an exciting employee benefits package to their key staff; a key driver in attracting, retaining and rewarding personnel.

We are incredibly proud to be further improving our already compelling product offering, while also investing proactively in building the profile of Vitality with the public.

At the time of reading this the fate of England’s World Cup dreams of a chance at the final will have been decided. I hope it’s a good outcome and the resulting buzz will allow you to capitalise on our new sporting associations. To find out more visit or speak to your Business Consultant.

Justin Taurog is marketing and distribution director at PruProtect.