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Panacea offers advisers new retirement app

Panacea Adviser has announced a new partnership with LifeCash Pro App offering members discounted access to its lifetime cashflow-planning app.

The LifeCash Pro App allows advisers to provide clients with a simple to use, visual picture of their cashflow planning.

It has been designed to engage the client immediately covering off either their accumulation or decumulation needs.

Using the graphics of ‘water taps’ and tanks it shows how much the client needs to save to get the lifestyle they desire in retirement.

Alternatively it can graphically demonstrate a lifestyle in retirement which should prevent them from running out of money, or leaving too much in taxes:

All the adviser has to do is enter some basic details from the client factfind, adjust the variables and the app produces a clear financial plan within a few minutes.

Panacea has negotiated a special deal for advisers offering a Panacea-branded version of the app for £15 per month, rather than £20 per month, when downloaded via iTunes.

If advisers prefer to have their own company logo uploaded instead, the cost is £17.50 per month.

Derek Bradley, chief executive of Panacea Adviser, said: “Most advisers are constantly looking at time-saving technology in order to improve the client experience and to provide visually stimulating ways of engaging people.

“The LifeCash App is one highly effective means of doing this via its water taps and tanks approach which instantly reveals what those saving for retirement need to do and also how the retired can ensure their money lasts.

“It can also be a business generation tool, helping increase an adviser’s funds under advice and producing referrals in a compliant, easy to deliver way.

“This is all about offering clients an interactive picture which engages them in the financial planning process and allows them to make informed decisions based on the advice they receive.”