HMRC amends tax requirements for bereaved

HM Revenue and Customs is going to cut down on the amount of information it requires for the bereaved to reclaim tax or pay tax when someone dies.

Back in 2012, HMRC gave a commitment to improve their service for bereaved customers.

One of the main changes it is now set to make is around form R27, which is for reclaiming tax or paying tax when someone dies.

As HMRC could not deal with about 50 per cent of forms at the first point of contact, the tax office stated it was clear they had placed a “heavy burden” on the personal representative.

Also, of the bereavement calls received, 34 per cent were about filling in the form and 15 per cent were to get an update on the progress of the form.

HMRC will now use real time information to obtain all the pay and tax information they need from bereaved customers, making the form R27 unnecessary and ready for removal on 13 October.

For PAYE customers, there will be an automated process, and for self assessment customers there will be what HMRC calls “a tailored service,” which includes letters that match the individual’s circumstances.

According to HMRC, removing the form means customers will get their tax affairs sorted quickly and need to contact the government department less.