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Adviser’s investment website hits 10,000 users

More than 80 per cent of people using StructuredProductReview are financial advisers and paraplanners, Ian Lowes, founder of the comparison site, has claimed.

Mr Lowes, managing director of Newcastle-based Lowes Financial Management, which launched the Structured-

ProductReview website in 2009, said he had not envisaged the site gaining so much traction in the five years after launch.

He said the comparison site now has more than 10,100 registered users, more than 80 per cent of which are IFAs or paraplanners.

The site had to help professional advisers engage with structured products and identify and research products that may be suitable for their clients.

Mr Lowes said: “ aims to provide the deepest and most comprehensive one-stop source of information and education available for the IFA market. This is in addition to all that is necessary to assist in researching and advising on structured products, such as provider, product information, tools and


Since launch, the website has seen more functionality amid user feedback. It covers nearly every structured product launched in the IFA space since 2000 and records the maturity results of all products.

Adviser view

Adam Walker, adviser for Southend-based Portfolio Financial Consultancy, said: “It is a good source of current and accurate information, with enough background data to help make an initial decision. All the key features documents are there, which is helpful.”