Qatar Investment Fund raises dividend

The Qatar Investment Fund, a London Stock Exchange-listed investment trust, has returned 29 per cent over the financial year.

According to a statement issued on the LSE, the Qatar Investment Fund plc showed strong performance in 2013 to 2014, up 29 per cent - 10 percentage points higher than the 19 per cent return it posted in 2012/2013.

The investment trust also increased its dividend by 10 per cent. According to Nick Wilson, chairman of the Qatar Investment Fund, this strong performance was boosted by the overall economic expansion in Qatar.

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He said: “The Qatari economy continues to forge ahead with encouraging growth in the non-hydrocarbon Qatari economy, supportive demographics, and expansionary fiscal spending. The non-oil and gas sector of the economy is growing fast.

“It expanded 11.5 per cent in the first quarter compared to 2013, with growth again expected to be in the double-digits in 2015. Combined with Qatar’s upgrade into the MSCI Emerging Markets index this year, the company is well positioned to gain from the growth behind Qatar’s vigorous economy.”