Three wise moves


For a lot of companies November and December are quieter months. Businesses start winding down towards the festive break and lots of the big decisions are often kicked into the New Year as “let’s wait until January” becomes a familiar refrain.

VitalityLife is not such an organisation. We’re known for our innovation, having revolutionised the critical illness market with our multi award-winning Serious Illness Cover and rejuvenated the forgotten whole of life sector to name but two. We continued in that vein last month with the release of three new Protection products.

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The first is a simple and sleek Mortgage Plus Plan, which offers life and mortgage incapacity cover to serve the revived home finance market, allowing customers to better protect their home.

Next we unveiled that our five-star rated income protection will have a short term option, providing a more affordable option for those on a tighter budget but still in need of this vital safety net.

Finally we created a new type of protection cover with our LifestyleCare Cover which uses the chassis of a whole of life contract but allows early access to the sum insured, should the policyholder be unable to look after themselves in later years.

LifestyleCare Cover is particularly important. The UK population is ageing and we can all expect to live longer than our predecessors, thanks to improvements in the understanding and treatment of diseases.

This increased longevity has the side effect that many more of us will need some form of care in our later years, since the prevalence of dementia and other incapacitating conditions is on the rise.

Neither the State nor the vast majority of individuals have the ability to meet the cost of these changing needs, so protection post retirement is a new and expanding need. We are proud to be first to market with a product aimed directly at this demographic.

Of course prevention is better than cure, so all of our new products are underpinned by discounts and rewards to help your clients get healthier.

By using our incredibly popular Vitality Optimiser option, your clients can receive up to 40 per cent off their initial premium, with the chance to retain or improve that discount by understanding and improving their health.

Our new rewards with major brands including British Airways and Starbucks* will no doubt serve as the incentive for those struggling to maintain their New Year’s resolutions!

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*British Airways available at the end of January. Starbucks available in Quarter one.

Justin Taurog is distribution and marketing director at VitalityLife