Jelf hub will benefit workers

Myron Jobson

Jelf Employee Benefits has launched a cloud-based workers benefit hub in partnership with technology supplier SBC Systems UK.

The new online platform, called Personify, pulls in key HR, payroll and benefits data to give employees a complete overview of their benefits package, and offers multiple enrolment windows to give them greater flexibility to update their preferences as their lifestyle and requirements change.

Its modular design allows the employers to add extra functionality as the company’s needs expand.

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Richard McKinley-Price, head of benefits management at Jelf Employee Benefits, said: “We believe we’re very well-placed to offer this type of cutting-edge benefits platform. We have coal-face experience of the frustrations our clients have had with legacy solutions but we also understand that technology needs to go hand-in-hand with advice and consultancy – which we already successfully deliver across a range of employee benefits, financial education and executive counselling.”

Adviser view

Mark Andrews, IFA at Manchester-based Redswan Wealth, said: “It sounds like a cafeteria benefit system, where people can pick and choose the benefits which suit them, which I suppose is a good thing. However, people are often myopic and concentrate on living for today instead of providing for tomorrow.”