Record year for ETPs in Europe

Record year for ETPs in Europe

Boerse Stuttgart has registered a record annual turnover in its exchange-traded products.

During 2014 retail investors traded ETPs through the Stuttgart stock exchange with a volume of around EUR 8.8bn (£6.8bn).

This was up by more than 13 per cent on the previous annual record set in 2011 and 24 per cent up on the figure for 2013.

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Boerse Stuttgart’s total annual turnover for 2014 was around EUR 88 billion, similar to the previous year.

Meanwhile the order-book total for equities trading ended the year at over EUR 14.7bn (£11.4bn), just short of the record established in 2013.

German equities accounted for EUR 10.7bn (£8.3bn) of total trading volume in this asset class, while international equities contributed more than EUR 4bn (£3.1bn).

In a statement Boerse Stuttgart said: “Once again, Boerse Stuttgart maintained its leading position in the European securitised derivatives market with a trading volume of EUR 40bn (£31.2bn).

“Reflecting an increase in volatility, demand for leverage products was greater than for investment products.

“Accordingly, turnover from leverage products rose by around 28 per cent year on year to over EUR 20.3bn (£15.8bn).

“By contrast, the annual turnover figure for investment products was around EUR 19.7 bn (£15.4bn).”

Total order-book turnover for exchange-traded debt instruments was in the region of EUR 22.9bn (£17.9bn) but trading volume in this asset class was around 10 per cent lower.

At EUR 14.7bn (£11.5bn), corporate bonds made up the lion’s share of total turnover from bond trading.

Trading in investment fund units at Boerse Stuttgart generated annual turnover of approximately EUR 1.2bn (£0.9bn) in 2014, about 20 per cent up on the figure for 2013.

Boerse Stuttgart is the tenth largest European stock exchanges with a trading volume of around EUR 89bn (£69bn) across all asset classes in 2013.