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New advisers gain access to risk and planning tools

New advisers gain access to risk and planning tools

A psychometric questionnaire focusing on a client’s attitude to risk, a portfolio analyser and other tools have been made available to advisers already using a certain software.

Advisa Centa, a suite of products which includes tools focusing on risk profiling, investments and retirement planning, has been made available for advisers who already use Intelliflo’s Intelligent Office system.

Nick Eatock, Intelliflo’s executive chairman, said: “We have seen an increasing demand for financial planning tools.”

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The Advisa Centa suite of products includes a psychometric questionnaire that allows advisers to profile a client’s attitude to risk.

It also includes one tool that allows advisers to compare the potential outcomes of different investment strategies and another which will show clients what their financial situation in retirement could be, based on their investment decisions.

Another tool, portfolio analyser, enables advisers to look at their client’s current financial position and look at ways to improve this, from investing new money to taking out policies and switching fund allocations.