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The Moore’s the merrier

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The Moore’s the merrier

The company does not offer its own products or have special deals with providers. Mr Moores said. “We are commercially independent and product and service agnostic. We have no financial incentive – we don’t charge shelf space for fund groups,” he continued.

But perhaps Mr Moores’ real legacy will be staking a claim for ownership of one’s clients. Despite the proliferation of non-dealing clauses, and whether or not Towry is relenting on them, Mr Moores insists it is better if the adviser owns the client.

He said: “If I can take my client bank with me, I’m not thinking about how much money I can make, I’m thinking about the lifetime of the client.”

Melanie Tringham is features editor of Financial Adviser

2004 to present: Chief executive, Raymond James UK

2002-2004 Chief executive Selftrade (UK)

1999-2002 Head of corporate development, DAB Bank, (Munich Germany)

1989 - 1999 Vice President, JP Morgan Chase, (London, Frankfurt and New York)