Fund Review: Matthews Asia Pacific Tiger fund

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Fund Review: Asia-Pacific ex Japan

Mr Shroff forecasts that “the fall in oil prices is a positive, as it lowers inflation expectation and input costs for most of Asia, and may also lead to a more relaxed monetary environment. More importantly, oil price reductions cement Asia’s position as a deeper and broader economic region that is not reliant upon commodity exports for progress.”


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Martin Bamford, chartered financial planner and managing director, Informed Choice

This fund has a low profile in the UK, coming from a US-based specialist in the Asia investment region. However, the fund is highly rated, with above-average performance. It has a well-resourced team of analysts based in San Francisco that considers stocks with a variety of market caps. One of its thematic targets is rising domestic household wealth in the Asia-Pacific region. As a fund with low exposure to commodities, it has been well positioned in recent months and behaves quite differently from its peers. This is a fund to watch.