New brand to focus on mortgage advice for expats

New brand to focus on mortgage advice for expats

Financial consultancy deVere Group has unveiled a standalone brand focusing on mortgages after seeing increased demand from expatriots.

Mitch Hopkinson, a managing partner of deVere United Kingdom, said that deVere Mortgages had been set up to meet rising demand from clients based overseas.

He said: “Despite recent reports of a cooling UK housing market, deVere has registered a month on month rise in mortgage enquiries over the last year.

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“And we forecast this upward trend to continue and increase further.”

He claimed that an increase in demand for mortgage advice from expatriots could be attributed to tougher rules around securing mortgages, rising house prices, the possibility of an interest rate rise as well as uncertainty stemming from globla growth concerns and the impending UK general election.

The mortgage brand will focus on the purchase and refinancing of UK homes, as well as buy-to-let mortgages and equity release.