Thousands of female pensioners miss out on bonds

Thousands of female pensioners miss out on bonds

Personal finance expert Sarah Pennells has started a petition against the age limit on pensioner bonds.

She has said thousands of female pensioners will miss out because they cannot access the hugely-successful bonds until they are 65.

At the moment women reach the state pension age when they are 62 years old.

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Ms Pennells said: “I have a feeling that it either didn’t occur to Treasury officials that it wasn’t the state pension age for women or women of that age weren’t deemed important enough.

“Personally I think it’s pretty outrageous.”

So far £7.5bn of bonds have been sold with more than 610,000 savers buying them since their launch last month, which crashed the NS&I website.

Earlier this week Chancellor George Osborne extended the bonds for another four months.

The petition - available at - has already been signed by 273 people.

The bonds pay interest at at 2.8 per cent over one year and 4 per cent over three years.

Right of reply

HM Treasury was asked to comment but didn’t respond.