One fund to save it all

One fund to save it all

Aegon UK has launched a stability fund aimed at safeguarding capital for pension savers.

Nick Dixon, investment director at Aegon UK said: “From April, people will have a lot more control over how they manage their money in retirement.

“This fund will benefit those savers who want to preserve their hard-earned savings pot and are looking for a straightforward solution, conveniently packaged within one fund.”

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Key Features

The fund will be available across all of Aegon UK’s advised propositions

It will have a yearly TER of 0.87 per cent

It holds an equal mix of four funds: Fulcrum Diversified Core Absolute Return, the Jupiter Strategic Reserve, Newton Global Dynamic Bond and Kames UK Equity Absolute Return

Adviser verdict

Peter Chadborn, director of Essex-based Plan Money, said: “I guess the TER is reasonable for that kind of fund.

“It remains to be seen whether the adviser could put a combination of those funds together themselves for a lower cost but I think we will see more funds like this come along trying to make the adviser’s job easier, and that’s no bad thing.”