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Advertorial: Popularity of strategic bonds is growing

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Strategic Bonds - February 2015

It is in an environment such as this that the investment case for strategic bond funds in general and, in particular, the Aberdeen Strategic Bond Fund is so compelling. They offer flexibility to invest in all parts of the fixed income sector, with the “best-in-breed” also using derivatives with the aim to boost performance and add an extra layer of protection.

Mr Hickmore says: “The Aberdeen Strategic Bond Fund is a fixed income fund with good access to the whole fixed income universe. All of these shifts and changes will increase volatility and, as an investor, you need to be able to navigate that and add protection in where possible.

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The Aberdeen Strategic Bond Fund is one of only a handful of funds in the sector that is a wholly strategic fund in as much as it does not have a benchmark, can invest freely and has full derivative powers to change the asset allocation effectively.”

“The depth and breadth of our research and fund management also sets us apart, with over 180 dedicated fixed income specialists contributing to the fund from around the globe. We also have 60 analysts who provide local knowledge and are invaluable when it comes to identifying both problems and opportunities. It is an undeniable competitive advantage. These characteristics help pull the fund through difficult market conditions, as well as providing the opportunity to excel in strong markets.

These factors, teamed with the size of the fund, mean we can navigate all of the changing patterns of where returns are coming from over the next couple of years.”

“It may sound obvious or a little trite, but a lot of fund managers forget that they are dealing with people’s savings,” Mr Hickmore concludes.

“This is their fixed income allocation and, of course they want the best return possible when that is achievable, but they also want good risk-adjusted returns and a level of protection as well. We aim to offer that with this fund.”

The value of investments and the income from them can go down as well as up and your clients may get back less than the amount invested.

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