Former Barclays Banker jailed for 18 months

Former Barclays Banker jailed for 18 months

A Barclays personal banker who helped fraudsters steal more than £57,000 from a customer’s account has been jailed for 18 months.

Amit Kansara, 38, passed on Elzbieta Rogerson’s confidential details to the gang before he resigned in March 2013.

The crooks later raided four of her accounts in a total of 20 transactions.

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Kansara, who worked at Barclays’ Wembley branch, also admitted passing other customers’ details to the fraudsters, but the jury at the Old Bailey accepted he may have been acting under duress.

The father-of-one claimed the gang threatened the life of his wife and child when he was arrested in June 2013.

In total, Barclays lost £482,000 to the fraudsters.

Judge Gerald Gordon said: “This is a classic example of an abuse of trust when you were acting as a personal banker.

“These sentences are passed not just to punish offenders but to deter other people in the same sort of position of trust as you were.”

Referring to Kansara’s defence, the judge said: “It was your case that at that time you were under duress and the jury at the very least did not exclude that possibility.”

The prosecutor explained the cash would be transferred to mainly fake accounts or those belonging to people who had disappeared.

One exception was a £10,000 transfer to the account of Miles Coni, 43, who has admitted money-laundering.

Kansara was caught after two customers complained when around £30,000 disappeared from each of their bank accounts.

One victim, Abdullah Al-Esayi, lost nearly a third of a million pounds while Ms Rogerson was taken for more than £57,000.

Kansara, of Wembley, north west London, was convicted of one count of fraud by abuse of position relating to £57,000 defrauded from Mrs Rogerson and acquitted of four other charges of fraud by abuse of position.

Coni, of Cambridge, admitted money-laundering at an earlier hearing and will be sentenced later.