Taurus bullish on tech

Taurus bullish on tech

London-based Taurus Asset Finance has launched a technology enterprise investment scheme, Wekix, for clients looking for a tax-efficient way to invest in technology start-ups.

Stephen Margolis, chief executive of Taurus Asset Finance, said: “Much is said and written about Israeli technology and what the UK can do to exploit that technology. Wekix is the first chance for investors to be a part of, and to profit directly from the booming Israeli tech sector,” he said.

Key Features

Wekix II focuses on start-up technology companies specialising in cloud, internet, mobile internet and e-commerce opportunities.

The fund will invest in a portfolio of start-up and early stage UK and Israeli companies.

Former investment fund Wekix 1 included game development studio Side-Kick Games, fashion app Wishi, online marketing tool DesignPax and motion-detection app store APP-Side. Its value is currently around 43 per cent.

Minimum investment is £5,000.

In 2014, Israeli high-tech companies raised $3.4bn (£2.3bn) from venture capital and private investors led by web-based companies.

Adviser View

Anthony Yadgaroff, partner and chairman of London-based Allenbridge Investment Solutions, said: “The EIS fund hits the right buttons from a marketing perspective, but I cannot help feeling that Israeli tech, and possibly UK also, is over-priced right now.”