New Tisa chief is proving he is not the retiring kind

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This could have implications for advisers. For example, if a client is set up on the system, which Mr Dalton-Brown said would be voluntary, and gave his adviser access to his data, an adviser could build an app for the client and put everything in one place for him.

One of the biggest campaigns that Tisa is managing is The Savings and Investment Policy (TSIP), a project aimed at pushing the need to develop a better savings culture further up the policy agenda.

Backed by more than 50 firms, the idea is to encourage a more savings, less debt-focused culture and influence the savings policy of regulators and government departments.

This emphasis on developing a savings culture is a central part of Mr Dalton-Brown’s beliefs about financial capability.

He said: “A lot of people say: ‘I can’t save because I can’t afford to.’ For a certain group of society, that’s true, they live on the cashflow of a weekly income.

“But after I left school, the first thing that was impressed on me when I started work was the need to save for pensions, and we were encouraged to contribute to the pension scheme. When you tried to get a mortgage, the bank manager would say you couldn’t get one unless you saved.

“I turn to young people around me and say: ‘You could save if you got rid of that £150 a month Sky and mobile account.’”

However, Mr Dalton-Brown adds that the banks are partly to blame, making it far harder to open a savings account than take out a loan, and the regulators also have to carry some of the blame, he said.

“Giving advice is becoming increasingly out of the reach of many people, because advisers are not able to support huge areas of society.

“I cannot even say: ‘You can put three months’ money away for a rainy day’, because that is deemed to be advice. We’re making saving too difficult, and simple advice and guidance too difficult. I think it is a culture and we have got things the wrong way around.”

For the industry veteran, trying to turn things around is something he is still working on as he embarks on his latest venture.

Melanie Tringham is features editor of Financial Adviser

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