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Dunstan Thomas works with platforms on tool

Dunstan Thomas works with platforms on tool

Retirement market software provider Dunstan Thomas is working with two direct-to-consumer platforms to roll out an online tool designed for the upcoming pension reforms.

The firm’s managing director Natanje Holt said there had been particularly strong demand for its new tool geared to helping consumers explore all their new options at retirement.

Called Imago Self Direct Decumulation, the tool enables consumers to review their retirement savings progress as they near retirement.

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Ms Holt said: “We took the view that after Freedom Day consumers would need highly intuitive online tools to help them weigh up their at retirement options before taking the plunge.

“You cannot underestimate how much support is needed to do get consumers engaged in these complex decisions, especially as many more people are not being advised by an IFA and the guaranteed guidance regime will be bursting at the seams.”

Adviser view

Jason Butler, a senior partner with London-based Bloomsbury Private Wealth, said: “Anything that helps people work out how much they have got and what it might produce for them is a good thing.

“But the challenge is the practicalities of getting people to engage.”