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2plan launches campaign to boost IFA recruits

2plan launches campaign to boost IFA recruits

A digital campaign has been launched by 2plan Wealth Management to demonstrate how simple it can be to set up an IFA business and to encourage new blood into the industry.

Chris Smallwood, chief executive of 2plan, said: “I think those on the restricted side of the financial advice industry have spent a lot of time telling people that it is difficult to be an IFA post-retail distribution review.

“We are utterly convinced that is not actually the case – and that is what ‘IFA-in-a-box’ is designed to demonstrate.”

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The IFA-in-a-box campaign is designed to challenge the notion that it is difficult to operate as an independent financial adviser post-RDR.

It consists of animated videos, a dedicated website, e-shots and social media activity.

The campaign launched with an animated video, e-shot and Twitter and LinkedIn activity on IT and systems support on 1 April. Further animations and e-shots will be put out in the coming weeks and months.

Mr Smallwood co-founded 2plan with Chris Davies in 2007. According to Imas it now has nearly 300 approved persons.

The firm was acquired by Openwork in 2010 following a mixed set of financial results the previous year.

Adviser view

Clayton Cumming, a partner in Glasgow-based Advice and Wealth Management Solutions, said: “We set up our own firm two years ago and went directly authorised, and there is a fair amount of work involved in it.

“If you are a new entrant to the industry it is not the easiest thing to do.”