JOHCM seeks large-cap European equity

JOHCM seeks large-cap European equity

JO Hambro Capital Management has launched a concentrated, large-cap extension of its European Select Values fund.

Key Features

The JOHCM European Concentrated Value Fund, managed by Robrecht Wouters, working alongside Luis Faňanas, is available in euro and US dollar share classes.

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An annual management charge of 0.75 per cent applies for A share class, with a 1.25 per cent AMC for B share class.

A performance fee applies to both share classes. The minimum investment for retail investors is £1000.

Mr Wouters manages the European Select Values Fund - the original, all-cap fund - seeking long-term capital growth.

Adviser verdict

Jason Witcombe, director of London-based Evolve Financial Planning, said: “We think our clients will all have some exposure to European equities but we prefer to do that through a low-cost index fund with a balance of large, medium and small-cap.”