Investors disagree over equity markets: JP Morgan

Investors disagree over equity markets: JP Morgan

Investors are confident about equities but will need financial advice on which areas are likely to outperform over the next year or so, Cesar Perez has claimed.

The global head of investment strategy for JP Morgan Private Bank added that parts of Europe could react differently to quantitative easing, meaning without proper advice, investors could be exposed to unnecessary risk.

He said: “The QE impact on equity markets will be highly selective, depending on the exposure to a weaker currency and export potential.”

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JP Morgan Private Bank research among approximately 900 clients revealed 30 per cent of investors thought the US equity market was most likely to outperform in 2015.

Southern Europe and western Europe received 26 per cent each, China/Asia received 11 per cent and Japan received 6 per cent.

Adviser view

William Hunter, director at Edinburgh-based Hunter Wealth Management, said: “Northern Europe and America are going to do very well – but investors should always spread risk.”