Exeter Family pays out 94% of claims

Exeter Family pays out 94% of claims

Exeter Family Friendly has released its claims statistics for 2014, revealing that 94 per cent of all claims received were paid.

The mutual income protection insurer explained that injuries and accidents were the top cause of claims, accounting for 36 per cent, followed by back and spinal problems at 14 per cent and other musculoskeletal problems (excluding back) with 13 per cent.

Simon Philp, director of distribution and marketing, said this proved that despite what some may think, often ill health is simply as a result of bad luck.

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Exeter Family also detailed the reasons for those claims that were declined, with 34 per cent coming as a result of claimants still being able to work in their own occupation, followed by 29 per cent where the claimant had suffered no loss in income.

Non-disclosure and breach of contract accounted for 8 per cent of declined claims.

Mr Philp added: “We need consumers not only to believe in our industry, but to appreciate what great all round cover income protection can be.”

Exeter is just the latest in an increasingly long line of protection providers to release their claims figures for last year, most recently Friends Life, which followed Aegon, Zurich and kicking things off at the start of the year, British Friendly.