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Five things: Using social media

Five things: Using social media

The new age advisers may well be aware of social media giants like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, but a number of established professionals still do not know which platform to use and how. Apfa has estimated half of advisers do not use any social media.

1. Starting out: It is important to understand what you expect to get out of social media. Advisers can use social media for various things. While for some it is to gain clients, a number of others aim to raise awareness about various aspects of personal finance through Twitter or LinkedIn. Once you know what you want, it is easier to understand what platform to register on.

2. Producing content: Bear in mind that you only have 140 characters on Twitter to write your post so use it wisely. Do not look at social media as only a means to sell products and services. Use it to showcase your intellectual capability and promote your personal and corporate brand. Interact with others on Twitter and get involved in conversations and discussions. If you are on LinkedIn, then join relevant groups and take part in discussions. This will help in getting your profile noticed.

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3. Getting followers: Do not worry about the number of followers on your Twitter profile, the number of likes on your Facebook page or the number of circles you are in on Google+. Focus on producing interesting content and you will automatically gain likes and followers. Remember to use visuals and hashtags in order to get noticed. Use your posts to build trust and rapport with your customers by providing them useful information.

4. Measuring social engagement: It is important that the platform you use has analytics tool. This helps you measure your visibility and your social engagement rate. If you are looking to post links, use Bitly to shorten it and then to track clicks. Bitly tells you exactly how many people have clicked on your link along with their regions. A mix of these tools can help you analyse what works and what does not.

5. Remember the risks: The biggest risk is not being on social media so choose your platform wisely and register. Keep in mind any risks when posting something on social media platforms. Build a social media policy that contains a clear structure of what platforms to use while maintaining compliance and financial promotion regulations. Some of the risks to keep in mind includes reputational risks, disgruntled clients and employees and getting hacked.

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