Harwood acquires DFM to bolster MM offering

The equity-centric portfolio has 25 holdings and offers a higher level of risk with an 89.7 per cent exposure spread evenly across the UK and globally.

The remaining 10.3 per cent of the asset allocation is spread across alternatives, fixed interest, commodities and cash.

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The portfolio’s top holdings are the £2.1bn Old Mutual UK Alpha, at 7.4 per cent; the £4.6bn AXA Framington UK Select Opportunities, at 7 per cent; and the £614.6m AXA Framington American Growth, at 5.9 per cent.

Wellian Income Model PortfolioWellian Growth Model Portfolio
Rathbone Income Fund 6.3%Old Mutual UK Alpha 7.4%
Artemis Income 5.8%AXA Framington UK Select Opportunities 7%
Fidelity Strategic Bond 5.4%AXA Framington American Growth 5.9%
Threadneedle UK Equity Income 5.3%JOHCM UK Opportunitie 5.8%
Henderson Strategic Bond 4.9%Franklin UK Mid-Cap 5.7%

Adviser says...

Paul Coffin, wealth manager at London-based Capital Financial Markets, said: “The performance of the Income fund has not been great over the past six months, but the three- and five-year performance is good. The fees are reasonable and the dividend is in line with what would be expected for an income fund. You may find higher, but this portfolio does also have a good proportion of international holdings, and these often have lower yields.

“The Growth fund has been a good performer over three and five years, and since inception has significantly outperformed the benchmark. Again, fees are reasonable, and it has a good asset allocation in that a significant proportion is committed to global funds where future growth is likely to come from. The list of holdings, at 25, is focused.”