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‘Don’t call yourself certified if you’re not in IFP’

‘Don’t call yourself certified if you’re not in IFP’

A financial adviser and Fellow of the PFS has accused the IFP of contempt for other professional bodies after an employee accused him of mistating his qualifications.

Filip Slipaczek, Hertfordshire-based chartered financial planner who is also an ISO 22222 certified financial planner, was told by Melanie King, an events and training co-ordinator, that he could not call himself a certified financial planner as he was not an IFP member.

In an email exchange with Mr Slipaczek, she said: “You noted that you are a certified financial planner but as you are not a member of the IFP or hold the diploma in financial planning from the Financial Planning Standards Board then you should not be using the designation.”

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Ms King, who joined IFP in July 2013, added: “Please can I therefore ask that you remove this line from your sign-off or please feel free to contact me if you believe this to be different.”

Mr Slipaczek said he had never before been so insulted professionally.

“As a three-times chartered professional with an ISO accreditation, why would I need to fraudulently use a designation that, to date, I have chosen not to apply for? The ignorance of the employee is unbelievable to suggest that I did not even have a diploma, despite being a Fellow of the PFS.”

In 2006, Nick Cann, previously chief executive of the IFP, welcomed the introduction of the ISO standard but said it did not go far enough in terms of reliability and stability.

Right to Reply

Steve Gazzard, chief executive of IFP, said: “The member of staff meant no offence and was simply following our guidelines and dealt extremely politely with the individual involved, who could have rectified the misunderstanding in an email. I will speak to the adviser, but I am happy with the way she dealt with it.”