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Buy-to-let options for retired clients

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Guide to Buy-to-let and Pension Freedoms

However, with the changes introduced to pensions, he says perhaps it is time that the government reviewed its previous decision of not allowing residential property to be held as an asset in pension.

This would change the dynamics of whether to use your pension fund to purchase a buy-to-let property considerably, Mr Müdd notes.

He says: “It would reinvigorate the buy-to-let market and with the new rules that allow the clients pensions to continue after death, could allow families to pass down their properties to their children which, for many, could be the only way of getting on the property ladder in the first place.”

Dominic Field, chief executive of Temple Field Property, says many new and flexible options are coming to market to cater for what is being termed ‘grandlords’.

He says: “This is a rapidly growing market and as such product providers are gearing up for new customs and offering options to customers.

“As the market becomes more competitive better deals will become available. As always, potential clients need to be careful to seek good value and carefully consider their options before committing.”